Funding Opportunities

Emmy Noether Programme

  • Institution: German Research Founcation (DFG)

  • Purpose: To give outstanding researchers the opportunity to satisfy the prerequisites for appointment as a university professor by leading an independent junior research group and performing relevant teaching duties as well as to attract outstanding early career researchers (back) to Germany from abroad.

  • Eligibility Requirements: Early career researchers in all disciplines, four-year submission deadline following receipt of excellent doctorate (licensed applicants from fields of medicine and psychology: max. of 6 years, extension for childcare responsibilities: 2 years per child under the age of 12, at least two years of postdoctoral experience), international research experience, applicants are expected to continue research careers in Germany after funding ends, not open to those who have already satisfied the requirements for a professorship, no eligibility if already in receipt of a type of funding similar to ENP for an independent (junior) research group.

  • Extent of Funding: See guidlines, consists of several modules that may be submitted, no clear no financial upper limit, but normally funding amount around €1.5 million or more if you need major instrumentation.

  • Funding Duration: 6 years

  • Latest Call Deadline: None (submission any time)

  • Further Information: Emmy Noether Programme FAQs

ERC Starting Grant (ERC StG)

  • Institution: European Research Council

  • Purpose: To support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are starting their own independent research team or programme. Applicant PIs must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal.

  • Eligibility Requirements: All scientific fields, open to researchers of any nationality who intend to conduct their research activity in any EU Member State or Associated Country. Eligibility period: 2-7 years of experience since completion of PhD, cutoff-dates from call of 2019 (ERC StG2020): PhD awarded from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2017 (inclusive), extensions possible for: Maternity (18 months or if longer by the documented amount of leave actually taken for each child), paternity (documented amount of paternity leave actually taken for each child), long-term illness or national service (documented amount of leave actually taken after PhD award), and clinical training (documented amount of clinical training actually received after the award of the first eligible degree, up to 4 years max.). Publications: At least one important publication as main author or without the participation of their PhD supervisor.

  • Extent of Funding: € 1.5 million (as an exception for additional extraordinary costs, will be evaluated on case-by case basis: add. € 0.5 million to cover eligible “start-up” costs for researchers moving from a third country to the EU or an associated country and/or the purchase of major equipment and/or access to large facilities)

  • Funding Duration: 5 years

  • Next Call: Expected for September 2021 with a dealine in January 2022

  • Further Information: The most important documents available via the ERC StG Homepage.

Sofija Kovalevskaja Award

  • Institution: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

  • Purpose: To enable young exceptionally promising researchers from abroad to embark on academic careers in Germany by establishing their own junior research groups at research institutions in Germany. Award winners will be able to concentrate on high-level, innovative research work of their own choice in Germany and thus strengthen the internationalization of research in Germany.

  • Eligibility Requirements: Scientists and scholars from all disciplines. Completion of doctorates with distinction less than six years ago. If applicant missed the deadline, exception may be possible in well-founded cases (e.g. recognition of parental leave) – for advise please send CV and a list of your publications before applying to Parental leave: time limit may be extended by a maximum of two years per child if academic career was indeed interrupted after completing the doctorate for the periods stated in the application form (have to be listed) –contact Career level: Award would enable the successful applicant to take on a leadership position (e.g. head of a junior research group) in Germany for the first time; applicant must not have held or accepted an offer of permanent employment in Germany. Internationality: Eligible applicants must have lived outside Germany for a minimum of 12 months in the 18-month period prior to the submission deadline. Potential applicants of German nationality are eligible to apply if their habitual place of work and residence has been located abroad on the assumption of permanence for at least five years. Potential applicants who have completed their school education and one university degree or one university degree and their doctorate in Germany are subject to the regulations governing German citizens.

  • Extent of Funding: Up to €1.65 million

  • Funding Duration: 5 years

  • Next Call: t.b.a.

  • Further Information: Sofija Kovalevskaja Award